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Dog Vaccination FAQ

  • What age can I start my puppies vaccinations?
  • When can I take my puppy out?
  • Can my pup go in my garden?
  • Does it need any more vaccinations?

A:Your pup can have its first vaccination at 7 or 8 weeks, however the second vaccination cannot be given until the pup is 10
    weeks  old.

A: Your pup should not go out on the street or walking until 2 weeks after the second injection

A: Yes, as long as you are sure no unvaccinated dogs or ill dogs have access to your garden.

A: All dogs should have a booster vaccination yearly, starting 1 year after the initial course.
    Also, if they are mixing with other dogs, going into kennels or attending training classes they should have a Kennel Cough
    vaccination. This also needs a booster once yearly.